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Current Snow Service Updates

Current weather for Ottawa(Kanata-Orléans)

Wednesday March 14th 5:15pm. 
Tractors were dispatched for 2nd run at 3:00pm today. Shovelers have also been dispatched to begintheir routes.

Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you

Andy and staff


Please also be reminded to be kind to the staff that take calls in the office they are trying to help you as much as they can .   They can get quite frustrated as well as they would like to be out there and help you when you have issues but they are bound to a desk.  We want to help you and if we could we would be right at your door for you but we are here to take messages from you, hear your concerns rectify the problem and dispatch accordingly.  

Abusive behaviour and foul language is not tolerated and can resort in cancellation of your contract.

We thank you for your understanding and anticipated cooperation while we work together to provide you with your service.






At 221140 Ontario Inc, our professional team specializes in snow blowing in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Please visit us again at or if you are looking for affordable snow blowing services in the Ottawa area.